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First things first: Congratulations! We know how truly exciting a wedding can be, so we are thrilled for your upcoming event. We also understand how stressful and time-consuming finding just the right bridal hair and makeup talent can be, but we think we've got you covered in that department. 


We are A Toast to Beauty, or as our brides like to call us, AT2B.

We are San Diego's fastest-growing wedding and event hair & makeup company for one very simple reason; value.


It takes one quick internet search to find that bridal h&mu artists are a dime a dozen in our neck of the woods. Where A Toast to Beauty stands above the rest is in the value we provide to each and every client. Unlike most bridal hair and makeup companies, we train our team together, as one strong unit, creating exceptional quality and unparalleled consistency for each and every bride that comes our way.


Whether you are in the heart of San Diego or a future Southern California bride, our premiere A Toast to Beauty team will ensure you look and feel your absolute best when it matters most. 

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To provide world-class services that capture the essence of beauty through professional, passionate artistry.